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Digital Dermo
 *Specific maintenance management medical equipment
 *General medical equipment (class I)

Model :

New Product
Instructional video on how to use

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High resolution smartphone adopted (64 million pixels)
Corona era dermoscopy (contact area can be sterilized.)


Silicon adapter can be removed and disinfected.

Because it its tightly, it may come off during use. There is none.
↓By inserting the attached glass plate, you can also shoot with gel or oil.
You can also attach a narrow area shooting adapter.
Adapter for narrow area shooting.

Clinical imaging adapter CP-1
HANDYDERMO uses a lens for close-up photography. Because it is installed,
it is not possible to focus on a distant subject. Attach the adapter lens CP-1. By doing so, you can focus on a distant subject.

Reproduce the skin color as it looks.


The camera has a built-in polarizing filter to enable shooting with reflected light cut off.


Equipped with a newly designed dedicated application.

Zooming in and out


1mm wide electronic scale


Always keeps 1mm width even when zooming. The scale is included in the photos. You can turn off the scale if you don't need it.

Auto-focus and Manual focus


Auto-focus mode: Tap the place you want to focus and the focus will be set automatically.


Manual focus mode: When you tap the eye icon, a slider will be displayed on the left side of the screen, You will be able to fine-tune the focus.

Features of HD-1 HANDYDERMO

    ◇For the first time in the world, we have developed a smartphone-integrated, operational and versatile dermascope.
  • Recording of dermatological images
  • Combination with AI diagnostic software
  • Interactive functions such as suggesting reference images
  • Telemedicine
  • Various developments are possible.
    ◇A smartphone and digital dermo are integrated to realize a compact and lightweight fit that fits in Your pocket.
  • A silicon adapter is attached, dedicated application is launched, operation is easy, and you can take pictures with lighting.
  • In the corona era, sterilizable silicon adapter was used to contact the patient’s skin for observation and diagnosis.
    ◇Easy operation dedicated app. Touch the screen to auto-focus the part you want to see and capture it in high resolution.  
  • Electronic zoom/Focus/Exposure/Contrast mode. Adjustment and mode recording possible.
    ◇Adoption of high-resolution smartphone (64 million pixels)
  • 35x magnified image possible
    ◇Clear images can be observed with a large LCD.  
  • You can select the definitive image while looking at a clear enlarged image.(LCD size 70 mm x 90 mm)
    ◇Built-in electronic scale (Vertical,Horizontal 1mm unit display)
  • It is used for applications such as tumor size. (ON-OFF switch available)
    ◇Insert the attached glass plate into the silicon adapter observable with gel or oil.
  • Normally, it is used with a polarizing filter changeover switch, but the use of gel or oil expand the range of diagnosis.
    ◇Use the light guide in boundary area(use between fingers or in the narrow range)(Optional item)
    ◇Adapter for clinical imaging (CP-1)
  • Adapter that can image the distant subject.
  1. 1) Smartphone : Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro
  2. 2) Size : 161.3 x 81 x 20 mm
    161.3 x 81 x 20 mm (with silicon adapter)
  3. 3) Weight : 236g
  4. 4) Memory 6GB/128GM micro SD Max.256GB
  5. 5) Battery : 4,500mAh  

Current product Derma9500S

Equipped with a field specific digital camera
Gel / polarizing filter mode switchable
New on Sale

Gel / polarizing filter switching model
Combination photo with digital camera WG-6

Gel / polarizing filter switching model
in the same clinical symptom
Sample image used
(Still image
and video files)

The technology used in our digital dermo received the invention award
for jdea achievment aword and this time
we received Japanese Patent certificate for this technology
(Patent No.6705057)

Digital Dermo and related products are as follows.


<Derma9500S-G Gel type model>

High-quality model with no reflected light from the skin surface using gel

Combination digital camera
WG-6 (20 million pixels) : 137,800 yen without tax (151,580 yen with tax)


<Derma9500S-R polarizing filter type model>

This model can suppress reflected light from the skin without gel.

Combination digital camera
WG-6 (20 million pixels) : 146,800 yen without tax (161,480 yen with tax)


<Derma9500S-GR: Gel / polarizing filter switchable model>

Gel / polarizing filter switchable module (switched with a switch) switch the same clinical symptom and diagnose accordingly.

Combination digital camera
WG-6 (20 million pixels) : 179,800 yen without tax (197,780 yen with tax)


Digital Derma 9500S-G, -R specifications

1) WG-6 and system

Number of pixels: 5184 x 3456

Angle of view: 16x12 mm

Liquid crystal: Approximately 1.04 million pixels

System dimensions and weight: G, -R: 120W x 151D x 80Hmm., 511g

GR: 120W x 151D x 85Hmm, 533g

If you forget to turn off the light switch, it will automatically turn off after 30 minutes.



1. Silicon adapter

Our price:1 piece: 3,000 yen(3,300 yen with tax)
2 piece:5,000 yen(5,500 yen with tax)
10 piece:15,000 yen(16,500 yen with tax)

2. WG-6

A) Battery pack DB-110

Our price: 5,000 yen (5,500 yen with tax)

B) HDMI mico cable

Our price: 4,720 yen (5,192 yen with tax)

3. SD memory card

The camera does not have an SD card attached, so we recommend purchasing it.
If you use a large memory capacity, you can take pictures without any problems.

Transcend SD card 8GB (capable of imaging: around 2,100 images)
Open price, our price: 2,500 yen (2,750 yen including tax)

4. LG-1 Light guide (for G800 and WG-6 cameras only)

It is convenient for imaging in narrow areas such as between the fingers and toes and ears.
Use with a silicon adapter.
Autoclave sterilization is also possible.

Suggested retail price: 15,000 yen, (16,500 yen with tax)

5. SP-1 Scale piece

The size of the tumor can be imprinted in the same way.
Use with a silicon adapter.
The autoclave cannot be used for sterilization.

Suggested retail price: 12,000 yen, (13,200 yen with tax)

How to buy

1.  Since it is a general medical device for specified maintenance management medical devices, it cannot be sold to the general public.

2.  Shipping cost. (domestic)

It is our resposibility to purchase the Derma9500S system and accessories at the same time.

The instruction manuals (Derma1000-GR, Derma9500S-GR) can be downloaded.

Please contact us by email for the catalog.

To place an order, please contact us by fax or e-mail with the product model, quantity, institution name, person in charge, address, and telephone number.


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